Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Video Choices & Inspiration

I think for my video I am going to do "West Coast" by Coconut Records. The original video is here:

A couple of inspiration videos for the vibe I am going for are below.

Guster - "Satellite"
(embedding was disabled)

Modest Mouse - "Float On"

Fleet Foxes - "Mykonos"

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 5 Strongest Portfolio Pieces (For Liz)

1. Botany Bay Florist logo & stationery
I think this piece shows my branding skills and being able to take an old logo that spoke nothing about the company and give them something fresh and relevant. The use of colors helps brighten the company's vibe and using a simple symbol like a circle to create a shape and a pattern helps open up infinite visuals for the company in the future.

2. HLN campaign & video
This section of my portfolio shows an ability to work as a team, conceptualize entire campaigns from start to finish, and divide work accordingly. My video showcases the use of Adobe After Effects and art directing to set a mood and peak interest in a product. The group involvement in the layout of the Spectrum|2011 application shows a use of hierarchy and ease of usability. As for the creative brief packaging, well, I only wish I could claim that design too :P

3. Poets&Writers Magazine redesign
This showcases my ability to carry out formatting through multiple pages of a product. In addition to paragraph formatting, this magazine shows my photography skills and type & color hierarchy within the magazine to ease in readability and show the most important information first.

4. Folie a Deux wine rebranding
Once I re-build it to my new design, this will showcase not only my brand identity skills with the logo, but also a concept behind a gift packaging and the ability to design on a three-dimensional plane.

5. Alice in Wonderland kinetic typography
This shows my ability to use different typefaces to create various personalities within the sound clip, as well as an ability to use Adobe After Effects.

"It Gets Better" video campaign thoughts

I figured out almost immediately what kind of mood and music I wanted playing throughout the video. I wanted something quiet, something that could relate to the mental depression that bullying creates; nothing loud or jarring to the ears but music that almost sounds sad in a way. Yet, with the lyrics, I wanted them to convey a sense of hope even through hard times. The song I chose is called "Crosses" by Jose Gonzalez. The music video is here:

Essentially the main section of the song that I am editing will showcase the chorus line, "We'll cast some light and you'll be alright." This is a main part of the visual that I plan to show in the video.

I also have a video clip of my nephews saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." I want to be able to use it in either the beginning or the end of the video but that depends on how the rest of the visuals pan out and if it still fits in.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MODA Design Competition concept

This competition, geared toward fundraising for MODA at the end of the year, holds the same square shape that they use in all of their icons.

The concept here is that the recipients of the MODA email have probably supported MODA in some way throughout the year to be on their mailing list (whether that is monetarily, becoming a member, or just visiting the museum and showing support by appearance). MODA is saying that without all of this support, they wouldn't exist. This is highlighted by the knockout MODA logo from the red, almost giving the logo a negative space. The only thing that brings the logo back to red is the ribbon on the third box, showing that the gift of support is what keeps MODA alive.

In the copy, MODA thanks everyone for the general support (whatever form that may take) and asks for a donation to keep the support going. By thanking individuals beforehand and acknowledging that patrons of the museum is what makes a museum, I think more people would be willing to donate and would actually be happy to.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIP logo, business card, menu design, tshirt

DIP is an imaginary food truck that I created for my Corporate Identity class. It serves various types of gourmet dips and other dippables in a quick, easily accessible way for people who are looking for a different type of snack. The tagline is "I DIP. YOU DIP. WE DIP." This food truck is lighthearted and doesn't take itself too seriously, though the food is definitely serious with a gourmet twist on regular dips.






The type of dipper will change depending on what the employee would like. Options include Dapper, Dainty, Little, Big, Decadent, Diablo, and Debonair (taken directly from menu items.) Shown: Dapper