Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bed Bug Awareness poster

A screen shot of my Bed Bug Awareness poster. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the kid's rhyme "good night / sleep tight / don't let the bed bugs bite" while bringing in the idea that when you are a kid, monsters go away when you hide from them. Unfortunately, bed bugs are immune to this idea.

The copy at the bottom reads:
"Bed bugs are no bedtime story. In fact, bed bug infestation has become a growing concern in the United States. But there is plenty we can do to avoid further damage to our homes. Discover our prevention tips, travel safety, and even more bed bug facts at www.cdc.org."

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art of the Menu

I stumbled upon this website earlier. Awesome site highlight unique and fun menu designs from around the country.

The website is a section of a larger site called Under Consideration, which is also a neat database of design. Find that site here.

Public Service Announcement ad

This is my poster ad focusing on Food Safety Awareness for the Ad Council.


copy reads:
"It’s not always this easy to tell when your fruits and vegetables are dirty. To avoid the risk of spreading foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Listeria, be sure to wash fruits and vegetables before cooking or serving."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Branding your Food Truck

From Urban Eats. Find the full article here.

"Food trucks, like any other small business, will require substantial capital, a well conceived brand and a clear value proposition. Consider these questions:
  • What makes my food truck different?
  • Why are certain food trucks more popular?
  • What is the lure of a food truck?
  • Is there difference between a food truck and a carnival trailer?
  • How do I get invited to the best food truck events?
  • Where do I source my food and beverage?
  • How many items do I have to sell daily to make money?
  • How do I price my menu?
  • I have no hospitality experience, can I operate a food truck?
  • What are the current rules and regulations that could affect my operation?"

Self-Promotion Ads

To promote myself back to my internship designers, I chose to use a few design skills I am more confident in: that is, the use of typography and writing copy.

I chose to make my two ads a series, where one is my testimony of the internship and the other is the testimony of any of the designers I may have been working with or under. I chose not to make the testimonies be some sanctimonious tales of how amazing I was as a designer, blah blah, but chose to take a more personable route. I chose to highlight myself in a way that showed not only how well we all worked together as a group of designers, but playing up even more that we all got along so well as people and as friends, which just made us all that much more productive. I ended the piece with something that had become a running joke within the office: my newfound love of baking cupcakes, which I would bestow upon my officemates occasionally.

I think that if I were a creative director and I was in charge of employing one of two people, where one was great at design but did not relate well to the other designers, whereas the other might not have had as wide a range of skill (or maybe he/she does) but got along great with the staff, I would choose the latter. Interpersonal relationships seem to make a world of difference in a creative field, and I chose to highlight the relationships I had with my fellow designers.