Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top 5 Strongest Portfolio Pieces (For Liz)

1. Botany Bay Florist logo & stationery
I think this piece shows my branding skills and being able to take an old logo that spoke nothing about the company and give them something fresh and relevant. The use of colors helps brighten the company's vibe and using a simple symbol like a circle to create a shape and a pattern helps open up infinite visuals for the company in the future.

2. HLN campaign & video
This section of my portfolio shows an ability to work as a team, conceptualize entire campaigns from start to finish, and divide work accordingly. My video showcases the use of Adobe After Effects and art directing to set a mood and peak interest in a product. The group involvement in the layout of the Spectrum|2011 application shows a use of hierarchy and ease of usability. As for the creative brief packaging, well, I only wish I could claim that design too :P

3. Poets&Writers Magazine redesign
This showcases my ability to carry out formatting through multiple pages of a product. In addition to paragraph formatting, this magazine shows my photography skills and type & color hierarchy within the magazine to ease in readability and show the most important information first.

4. Folie a Deux wine rebranding
Once I re-build it to my new design, this will showcase not only my brand identity skills with the logo, but also a concept behind a gift packaging and the ability to design on a three-dimensional plane.

5. Alice in Wonderland kinetic typography
This shows my ability to use different typefaces to create various personalities within the sound clip, as well as an ability to use Adobe After Effects.

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